Can You Have Insurance Without A License

As of Wednesday, Nov. 12, police throughout the state can determine if a motor vehicle has insurance simply by running its license plate. bay county, MI– Police now have an easier way of telling if …

In all state, as long as you’re old enough to own property, you can legally buy a car regardless of your licensing status. Since you can buy a car without a license, it’s possible to find an insurance company that will issue you a policy without a license. Not all companies will insure you when you disclose that you’re not licensed.

you did’t say wether used or new,I have bought used cars and trucks without a lic.but they were paid for in cash from private owners,if you buy a used or new car from a dealer…ship or car lot than you …

It is assumed you would not insure a vehicle without intentions of somebody driving it. If you tell an insurance agent you do not have a license and want to insure your car; you will more than likely be told it is not possible. It is standard procedure to verify a driver’s license before an insurance policy is issued.

It’s about keeping your car insurance as cheap as possible. There are a variety of license-plate frames … a retrofit is cheap and easy. You can tell if you have the old-school incandescents …

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Sep 20, 2014  · Yes, you can get car insurance coverage for your vehicle even if you do NOT have a drivers license, or if it is revoked, suspended or if you have a foreign drivers license, here’s how..

HOW TO GET CAR INSURANCE WITHOUT A DRIVERS LICENSE LEGALLY! The idea of purchasing car insurance without a driver’s license seems counterintuitive — kind of like buying a flight to a foreign country without a passport. But you can get car insurance without a license — and in some cases, it’s in your best interest.

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