Coping With Dementia In Parents

A number of readers have contacted me via email and social media about my parents’ story of their journey with dementia. I ap…

Cell Phones For Old People Not so long ago, technology aimed at older adults was all function … Plus, if you fall out of reach of your cell phone, you … I’m betting that more than a few of you can relate to the experience of attempting to help an elderly family member in need of technical assistance. The generational
Becoming A Caregiver For A Parent My husband has cancer. The disease and his treatments have dictated the last eleven years of our lives. He was diagnosed in 2002 with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, CLL, (a type of nonHodgkin’s lymphoma), usually considered an old man’s cancer. The role of being a caregiver often happens by default: A parent or older loved one

Caregiver Training: Agitation and Anxiety | UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program Dementia is the saddest thing to deal with ,because you see your parents shift roles. jami fitzgerald I am new to this kind of forum, and was absolutely shocked at all the bickering, name calling, etc..

The former Catholic nun and school teacher had raised two children in Halifax, N.S., and Harbour Main, N.L. As the youngest of 13 children, she spent years caring for first her elderly parents … as …

Dealing With a Parent With Dementia It is not easy to deal with a parent with dementia or its most common type, Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, more than 10 million American adults have to cope with the responsibility of caring for a family member suffering from various types of dementia.

What Race Lives The Longest Now, the Texan (who currently lives in Durango, Colorado … and Wales on a 1,440-mile journey including two ferry rides. Too … Dementia Patient Not Sleeping Hobbies For 70 Year Old woman mental disorders In Elderly indicate that older citizens are prone to anxiety issues and depression, just as much as younger adults are grappling

Dr Etellin says her large geriatric practice in Sea Point inspired her to find alternatives to dealing with dementia, and eve…

So what are some ways of coping with stress when you’re an Alzheimer’s caregiver? Stay fit. It’s not easy when you’re stressed, but try to eat with moderation.

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