Getting Rid Of Possessions

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From the start, we set out to be pure: to get rid of all our possessions except the ones we would carry on our backs around the world. But then there were my mother’s paintings, a few souvenirs from previous travels, photo albums with the kids that took painstaking time to pull together, and a few child-created masterpieces that could not be scanned.

Getting rid of 1000 things | Liz Wright | TEDxBedford If the possessions of the deceased are retained for sentiment only, size matters. This is also true of our memorabilia and that of our children. Keep Grandma’s brooch, but get rid of her rickety dining set; keep the graduation tassel, cull the robe and hat; keep one pair of Junior’s baby booties and a single rattle, donate the bins of baby toys and clothes.

Felon Claims ‘Adverse Possession’ to $3.6M Home In AspenA convicted … In DenverThe Denver City Council unanimously voted to …

I hate waste and being brought up with few possessions have retained things that should be let go. It is getting easier and the house is feeling ‘lighter’ for want of a better word…As someone else said…if i buy one thing 2 or 3 things are removed completely- in a box and off to charity, sold or thrown out.

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Getting Rid of Possessions: It’s Harder Than You Think Since the process is partly psychological, here’s how to prepare

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"People are keeping huge collections of digital possessions," says Steve Whittaker, a psychology professor at UC Santa Cruz who specialises in human-computer interaction. "There has been little …

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