Texas Rules Of Evidence

In what Wheeler and the State both declare is an issue of first impression, we are asked to decide whether the good-faith exception to the statutory exclusionary rule allows admission of this evidence …

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Using and Objecting to Evidence at Trial | Cordell and Cordell Texas Rules of Evidence In Texas, the rules of evidence govern civil and criminal proceedings in all courts of Texas, including examining trials before magistrates, except small claims courts. These rules, except with respect to privileges, do not apply in situations such as:

Rule 902. Evidence That Is Self-Authenticating. The original or a copy of a record that meets the requirements of Rule 803 (6) or (7), if the record is accompanied by an affidavit that complies with subparagraph (B) of this rule and any other requirements of law, and the record and affidavit are served in accordance with subparagraph (A).

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Despite these rules, a court must admit or exclude evidence if required to do so by the United States or Texas Constitution, a federal or Texas statute, or a rule prescribed by the United States or Texas Supreme Court or the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

The new rules require that prosecutors share this evidence, known as discovery … to being in the vanguard nationally,” says Jennifer Laurin, a University of Texas law professor who studies discovery …

(3) Character of witness. –Evidence of the character of a witness, as provided in rules 607, 608 and 609. (b) Other Crimes, Wrongs or Acts. –Evidence of other crimes, wrongs or acts is not admissible to prove the character of a person in order to show action in conformity therewith.

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